Born and conceptualised in London, Zach Footwear began in March 2020 at the very start of the pandemic with the aim of creating very high quality, unique footwear at affordable prices.  We wanted to create an overall customer experience with outstanding packaging and customer communication that would match a premium product.

Zach Footwear offers premium quality handcrafted shoes combining luxury leather and fabric, with unique designs.  We source premium leathers from Italy, most notably Tuscany. 

Handcrafted in Portugal by thoughtfully selected factories and ateliers, all our sneakers aim to deliver the optimum quality and craftsmanship derived from experienced and skilled craftsmen and women. As each and every pair of Zach's are hand-tooled to the highest standard by local artisans, all collections are made in limited quantities.

We believe collaboration is the key, and through combining designs inspired by the diverse fashion and cultural fusion of London, high quality unique premium leather from Italy and the craftsmanship of leading footwear factories in Porto, we believe we have a product that both we and you can be proud of.